How to Outperform

in a Disruptive Market ?

"The complexity, speed and always changing environment brought by the “new normal” way of doing business, created different kind of problems."

Interconnected problems impacting each other.

Unique problems, not experienced before where old solutions don’t bring results or make things worst.

Problems with continuously changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.

The Performance Factor

Our meta analysis combined the results from market leaders’ researches and academic studies from top universities conducted across an extensive number of organizations of different sizes and from different markets. We identified the common traits of successful organizations, those traits that determine superior financial results and profitability, as well as long term organization growth.
Extreme collaboration

Long-term success and fast responses, require teams working in extreme collaboration, however it is easier said than done.

Extreme collaboration must be cultivated to deploy its maximum benefits.

Internal silos, conflicting priorities, are a challenge for all teams, in special, for those located in different geographies or departments.

Enhanced Teams

Organizations are as successful as their less talented employee.

There is an important detail in this equation that is not correct – Organizations are as successful as their less talented Team.

Organizations’ current challenges cant be effectively addressed just having bright talent, working individually neither in working groups.

Enhanced Teams are able to solve problems and identify new opportunities, working together in a ’learning and improvement’ mode that makes them adaptable and effective in every type of new situation.



Innovative teams fast adapt to changing requirements and respond real-time to external pressure. They improve processes, identify and develop new opportunities and solve complex problems. They are a key success factor for every organization.

Effective, real-time and customer-focused responses can only come from

Customer Centricity

Customers are those groups or individuals that are the purpose of your business.

No matter if your customer is the exernal customer who buys your products or the other departments of your organizaiotn, customer centricity is key to achieve and exceed resutls.

Customer Centricity is about having teams able to step into their customers’ shoes, to understand their needs & pain points, and antecipate, solve their problems, from the their  perspective.

Agile Leadership


Leaders nurture collaboration and effective teams, they allow Innovation to flow and set the tone on the relationship with customers.

An agile  leadership style is different from the traditional one – it is adaptive to change, it is highly supportive and focused on eliminating barriers to exceptional performance, it catalyzes innovative solutions and enable high level of engagement in their teams.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach, tools and methodology bring fast and sustainable over time results

SYSTEMIC Solutions

We take a holistic focus on how teams work together and develop their interrelations, rather than the traditional approach that isolate and analyses constituent parts separately.

We Consider your UNIQUENESS

Where to intervene or where to initiate, depends on the characteristics of your organization, your  teams’ current level of collaboration and performance and your priorities and long-term goals.

Every team is different and unique. The solutions are driven by your strategic priorities and the outcomes you want to achieve and are specific to your team. No single approach is standard, coming from the shelve or a one-size-fits-all.

We engage your teams on building solutions form design to implementations resulting in high engagement and high acceptance which speeds up implementations and improves success rate.

We CO-CREATE The results with your teams

There is a high failure rate in transformation and change initiatives. Even those that succeed, over time see its people motivation to sustain the change dropping.

We believe that those that know better problems and potential opportunities, are those that live them everyday. We  engage teams on building solutions from design to implementation resulting I high engagement and high acceptance which speeds up implementation and improves success rate.

When we complete our project together, we had transferred to your team an innovative way of solving problems and identifying new opportunities – participating in cross-expertise teams, in an intensive collaborate mode, Co-creating solutions, in an iterative and heavy customer centric way,.

It is extremely effective when addressing challenges involving issues that have a great dependence on:

  • past actions (that create habits and “this is the way we do things around here” mentality,
  • actions of others (that build the perception that people cant take an active role on solving problems)
  • Coordination across functions , locations and expertise (that suffer from information silos and poor collaboration)
  • Heling people of different perspectives to see the big picture
  • Addressing recurring or ambiguous problems or those that require non obvious solutions.


Assess your teams’ readiness factor

We apply our  "Global Survey & Interviews" to deep research and identify the actual readiness

  • Online tools
  • Fast view of your teams’ strengths
  • The match of the current competencies and your business strategy
  • Barriers to exceptional performance
  • Leading indicators of future performance


Create Your Readiness Model

The top priorities and action plan for improving your teams’ performance, collaboration, customer centricity and innovation skills.

  • Research
  • Analysis



Design and implement of customized solutions with your teams.

  • Design Thinking Models

Find out your Performance Factor

Identify the "Performance Factor" Readiness of your Company-Teams & move to next steps (1)

Research & Consulting


Alba Tais Pereira

She brings extensive strategy, change management, and delivery experience in EMEA, Asia, North and Latin America, from working in companies  such as:

Johnson & Johnson

Alba Tais spent several years defining and executing complex business transformation programs,  leading performance management, capability-building programs and a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Now, she’s bringing her skills to help clients master their digital transformation,  shaping organization culture and Employees’ Experience,  boosting Innovation and creating Customer Centric organizations.

Alba Tais holds a Bachelor of Psychology.

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